As I expected, I woke up very early (3.00am) this morning.  I tried for a while to go back to sleep but it didn’t work.


We used Qatar Airline for flying to and from London this time.  About 6.5 hours between Singapore and Doha and another 6.5 hours between Doha and London.  My husband used it more but this was my 3rd trip to use them.  They are less expensive than Singapore Airline and the last time and this time we booked the flights when they had a special campaign for nearly half fare if you fly with another person.  The transit time at Doha is only an hour or two, we can stretch our legs and their lounge at Doha is so nice.  I particularly love their sandwiches – delicious every time.





So I used their lounge at Doha 6 times and had some sort of sandwich every time – and they were specially delicious every time.  Much better (in my opinion) than food on the planes so I don’t eat much on the plane so I can have their sandwiches at their lounge.  The year before last year, I had pastrami sandwich both times, last year I think I also had pastrami sandwich (but not completely sure, something similar anyway).  This time, going up to London I had roast beef sandwich and coming back vegetable sandwich.  They are made fresh when you order, grilled lightly so a little warm.


This is the vegetable sandwich I had this time.  There was a slice of grilled aubergine, some tomato and also some other crunchy raw vegetables.  They are always seasoned right, bread and filling both fresh, the amount of filling is just right for the amount of bread, everything is perfect.  I had some sandwiches that has too much filling, not enough filling, without seasoning, too much seasoning – some awful ones on this trip (although I also did have some delicious ones), but in this lounge every sandwich I’ve had has been specially delicious.  I recommend it if you have a chance.



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