Tea & Scone And Champagne & BBQ In The Garden


On the first day of our holiday we arrived at Heathrow at around lunch time, picked up our rental car and drove straight to our friend’s place near Chichester.  I think it was about 2 hours from Heathrow.  I used to stay with them often on my way from Singapore to Japan stopping at Hong Kong when they lived there.  They retired about 3 years ago and have been living in England since.  Sadly, it’s not possible to see all our friends in the UK on our holidays as our time is limited but they came to the Cotswolds when we rented a place there 3 years ago, to Marrakesh 2 years ago, to London last year, and we stayed with them this time – so luckily we’ve been seeing each other once a year – which is great.


We arrived at their house around 4.00pm – just around English “tea time”.  The weather was beautiful so we had tea and scone in their lovely garden, smelling the roses.









They had some summery weather in April in England this year but since then apparently the temperature has been low, but the day we arrived it was very warm.  Many people enjoy the weather by staying out in their gardens this time of year if the weather is good as they have long days.  Even on a hot day like this day, it’s quite cool in the shade, which makes it possible even for me to enjoy sitting outside.


We chatted, catching up with each other’s news and talking about some mutual friends with our tea and scones,and it was soon time for dinner.  They made BBQ (hamburger, kebab with chicken & vegetables and mushrooms) and some salads (grilled vegetables salad, tomato, mozzarella & avocado salad, tomato & cucumber salad, boiled and buttered potato) for us, which we enjoyed with Champagne in their garden again – you have to make the most of the good weather while you have it!  Dessert was homemade creme caramel with raspberries.  All beautiful looking and delicious!!
























There was so much to catch up on but both my husband and I ran out of energy, especially with the jet-lag, soon after the dinner.











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