Reunion Lunch


After staying with our friends near Chichester for 2 nights, we drove to Devon.  As our mutual friends live sort of on our way, 4 of us met them for lunch in a pub in the New Forest.







We sat at an outside table as the weather was very nice, although a bit too windy.  Yes, sausages again!  I had Bangers & Mash.  It was OK but the cabbage was nearly raw – it wasn’t supposed to be – and was basically inedible.




It was about 2 hours’ drive to our hotel in Devon from this pub so we weren’t able to linger but it was lovely to see them.  The last time we were together was at Gatwick airport, we (with our friends we stayed with this time) and the other couple were all flying from there around the same time (we were flying to Marrakesh and they were flying to Spain) so we had lunch together.


So, we had to say good-bye to the friends we had stayed with.  Next year, we will probably not be going to England so I don’t know if we’ll be able to see them.  I wonder where we’ll meet next time.








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