Day 2 in Edinburgh – Lovely Lunch in Edinburgh (Daylight Robbery)


On the day after we arrived in the house we rented near Edinburgh, my husband and I had a booking with a photographer to do a photo walk in the town of Edinburgh.  We left home with our friends, drove to the nearest station and took a train – it was just a few stops to the town of Edinburgh.  Then we separated.

わたしたちは、街の中心から数ブロック離れたところにある「Daylight Robbery」というカフェでランチをしました。内装は、とてもファンキー。カフェになる前はバーだったそうです。

My husband and I went to a cafe called “Daylight Robbery”, which was a few blocks from the very centre of the town.  The interior was quite funky, apparently before it became this cafe it was a bar.







I had a chicken burger, my husband had a hot dog and we shared sweet potato fries.


My chicken burger’s chicken was flavoured with Thai flavours.  It was seasoned perfectly, it was very tender, loved the flavour and the bun was very good, too.  It was just delicious.



Deep-fried sweet potato was very good, too.






As I enjoyed it so much, I’m sure we would have gone back if we were staying in Edinburgh itself.  I highly recommend it if you are there.



Daylight Robbery
26B Dublin Street
Edinburgh EH3 6NN

Tel: +44 131 556 5967


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