Day 4 in Edinburgh – Dinner and British People & Tea


On our 4th day in Edinburgh, my husband’s brother and his wife joined us from Windsor.  They drove all the way, stopping one night on their way.  My husband and I decided to cook an easy dinner for the four of us that evening.


Caprese as a starter.



Then Pasta with sausage sauce.  In Singapore we use spicy Italian sausage but in Scotland we couldn’t find it so we used usual British pork sausage and added fennel seeds and rosemary.



They brought some strawberries that they picked in their garden.  They weren’t as sweet as those in Japan but were very fragrant.  We also had various cheeses that we bought in the previous few days in supermarkets and Leith market.




After dinner, we moved to the smaller lounge upstairs, had some Scotch whisky and watched TV.




Incidentally, I notice some interesting habits of the British when I spend days with British people like this.  My husband’s brother and his wife always take tea with them to their bedroom after we say good-night – I guess they drink it in bed.  And it’s always my husband’s brother, not his wife, who makes the tea for bed (that can be just them rather than “British” in general, but lots of men make tea for their wives.  I don’t think there are many Japanese men who would make tea for their wives, even now.)  When I stayed with my English family when I was young as a home stay, my English Dad used to get up very early for work and he would take tea to my English Mum (sometimes more than once), who would still be in bed.  At night, my English Dad would got to bed early and I would watch TV with my English Mum until late.  When we go up to our bedrooms, she would make tea in a mug and take it to her bed.  I notice when I watch British TV dramas that you hear someone say “I’ll put the kettle on (to make tea)” whenever something happens.  British people cannot get enough tea!

Having said that, I’m not sure if younger people are the same.  I don’t think our nephew and niece take tea to their bedroom.


Incidentally, my husband also brought tea to bed in the mornings for me for a week or so when we first married until he noticed I never drank it.  I just cannot eat or drink anything for an hour or so after waking up.  I guess his Dad used to take tea to his Mum in bed every morning.









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