Day 6 in Edinburgh – Take Out Curry Dinner


On the 6th day in Edinburgh, we decided to have a take away (ordered via the internet and picked up at the restaurant) from an Indian restaurant near the house.  We thought it would be the easiest as the girlfriend of our nephew is vegetarian.  It was for 6 of us so a big order and the restaurant gave us a free bottle of wine.






I’m sorry to say this after getting a free bottle of wine from them, but I didn’t think it was very good.



We’ve had Indian food from supermarkets and take-aways from Indian restaurants many times in the past in England and I always thought it was quite good.  However, the Indian food we bought from a supermarket and these take-aways from an Indian restaurant in Scotland weren’t very good to me.  Others were saying they were good so I wondered if I was just being fussy (yes, as usual) and thought it wasn’t good because I’m now used to good Indian food in Singapore (I feel the best food in Singapore is Indian).  However, when I said that, our nephew’s girlfriend said “It depends on which restaurant.” so perhaps it means she didn’t really think these were good either.

Anyway, to me, samosa tasted like old oil, and the curries didn’t have enough spices (I’m not just talking about spiciness although that was part of the problem, it just didn’t have enough flavour).






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