I forgot to blog last night’s dinner.  We went out to Nanbantei because it was the middle of a long weekend and neither of us felt like cooking.  We were taken to a table in the back, which I don’t like, the counter was all occupied.  We ordered Gyoza, pork with shiso, mini tomato with pork, okra with pork and ginko nuts first rather than ordering all at once as they’ll bring all at once and things get cold.  We then ordered Nanban-yaki, croquette, agedasi tofu and garlic rice.  We had 3 small bottles of beer between us, no dessert.  We felt very full.  I think it was about S110 altogether.




We’ve been going back to Nanbantei often.  We would like to go to somewhere else that has similar style but haven’t found anywhere very good yet.



14 Scotts Road #05-132,
Far East Plaza


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