Day 6 in Edinburgh – Rainy Day & Restoration Yard

エジンバラでの6日目は1日中雨が降っていたので(激しく降ったりしとしと降ったり)、ほとんど借りていた家の中で過ごしました。雨が降ると英国の人が必ず言う言葉が、「Good for the garden!」。実際、それまでお天気が良い日が多く水不足になるのではと言われていたので、お庭の草花は喜んでいたことと思います。

On our 6th day, it rained all day long, sometimes very heavily, sometimes not so heavily, but basically it didn’t stop raining the whole day.  Good for the garden, as people say in the UK.  They were talking about water shortages so I guess it was good for them and for the gardens.





が、お昼頃、ランチを兼ねて Dalkeith Contry Park にある「Restoration Yard 」というところに行ってみました。借りた家のオーナーさんのオススメの場所で、18世紀に建てられたステイブル(馬小屋)を改装し1年ほどオープンしたところで、カフェや雑貨屋さんなどが入っています。

However, we (not our nephew and his girlfriend as they hadn’t arrived yet ) did go out to “Restoration Yard ” in Dalkeith Contry Park.  The owner of the house we rented recommended this place very strongly and it sounded interesting so we went.  It’s a restored stable built in the 18th Century and opened as a building with cafe, shops etc.


First we had lunch at their Cafe.



It would have been lovely to walk a little if the weather were good.



I had a burger – yes, another one!  This is why I put on so much weight!  It was overcooked (actually to be honest it was burned, I know some people like it but I don’t like it when I can taste the bitterness) and wasn’t seasoned much, so not great.  Others had Caesar Salad.




The shops sell cookery books, clothes and a lot of cute things like kitchen goods, mug cups etc as well as biscuits and some other foods, it was fun to look around.  Apparently it was developed with the designer and previous owner of Avoca, where we’d been in Ireland when we were there.  We saw some colourful throws which reminded us of there.


この日、お昼過ぎ、わたしたちが Restoration Yard から戻る頃、甥っ子とガールフレンドがジョインしましたが、そんな雨降りの1日だったのでみんなそれぞれにソファーやアームチェアーで本を読んだりネットをしたりして過ごしました。

Our nephew and his girlfriend joined us later in the afternoon but we just spent the afternoon indoors reading a book or doing internet on a sofa or in an arm chair as it was such a miserable day outside.








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