Update On Nouri


Last week, I had lunch with a couple of friends to catch up in “Nouri”.  We chose the restaurant because I liked it very much when I tried it for the first time, but to be honest, the impression at my first visit was much better.


Bread is as good.



I chose “Chicken”.  The sauce tasted very good, but unfortunately I don’t like chicken with bones, specially a whole chicken like this.  The staff told me that although the flesh near the bone is red it is thoroughly cooked and safe to eat.  Even though I do trust the chef, I still wasn’t able to eat the red parts.  I also don’t like chicken flesh to be too soft and wobbly, I want it to be tender and juicy but not too soft and it was.  I don’t like skin when it’s not crispy either.  This is just my personal preference and I’m sure some people would have loved it, just unfortunately that I didn’t know it was going to be a whole spring chicken. If it were written that way I wouldn’t have chosen it.  Also the potatoes were so good last time, but when I tried one of my friends’ but this time they were overcooked, quite tough and bitter because it was almost burned.  Salad was quite ordinary.  Soup (no photo) was just the same.








One friend had “Mushroom”.



The other friend had “Fish”.




Both of them said theirs were “OK but not specially tasty”.  The friend I had lunch with last time in this restaurant had “Mushroom” and said it was very tasty, I don’t know if it was because it was different this time or they just have different tastes.



Dessert was the same as the last time – caramelised banana, vanilla ice cream and buckwheat crumble.




In Singapore, this happens often.  You visit a place for the first time and like it very much but get disappointed when you return.  This time, at least for me, it was just unfortunate that I chose a whole spring chicken.  I would like to try their chef’s course menu maybe next time. 


72 Amoy Street
Singapore 069891

Tel: +65 6221 4148





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