Chorizo, Potato & Poached Egg


Today’s dinner was something I used to make often in Hong Kong but not here because we haven’t found chorizo that we really like.  It’s sauteed chorizo, potato, onion, garlic & paprika with poached eggs and sweet warm balsamic vinegar.  I pour some good balsamic vinegar in the frying pan after stir-frying chorizo so the oil from chorizo will mix with the balsamic vinegar.  It’s actually more work than it looks because you need to brown potato separately from the vegetables and I like sauteeing chorizo in another separate frying pan, but I think it’s worth it.  (This is a recipe I made up about 20-some years ago in Hong Kong but there probably is an easier way to make….)  I put all that on a bed of romain lettuce.


I love the contract of the hot chorizo and vegetables and crunchy cold lettuce. I also love the combination of chorizo, potato and sweet balsamic with runny egg yolks.  I think there is a very similar dish in Spain although I don’t think they use lettuce or balsamic vinegar.








ポーチドエッグを作るのがとても苦手なので Anova を使ってみました。145度で45分。そぉ〜っと殻をむいて1分ほど沸騰直前のお湯でポーチするのですが、卵を出した時点で白身の半分がとれてしまい、あまりうまくは行きませんでした。そして、1つは黄身はとろっとなりましたが、最後に茹ですぎたのか1つは黄身もほぼ固まってしまっていました。とほほ。

I’m terrible at making poached eggs so I tried Anova for that.  45 minutes at 145.  You peel the shell slowly and poach it again in near-boiling water for a minute but they didn’t come out nice and neat.  Also I guess I poached one of them too long, egg yolk of one of them was almost solid although the other one was just right.  It wasn’t easy….


Still, we really enjoyed the whole dish.







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