Huber’s Bistro

以前から Huber’s のビストロは結構美味しいとは聞いていましたが外席しかないからと諦めていたところ、今のところに移ってから冷房が効いた室内のお部屋もあるとわかり、今日イタリア人のお友達とランチをご一緒してきました。サラダなどもメニューにありましたが、Huber’s で初めて食べるならやっぱりお肉でしょう、と思い、バーガーにしました。熟成肉のバーガー。

I’ve heard many times that Huber’s Bistro is very good but I never tired it because I thought they have only outside seats, but I found out they now have indoor seats since they moved – so I tried it with my Italian friend.  They did have more healthy things like salads on their menu but I thought I must try meat there specially for the first time, so I had Dry-aged beef burger.



They asked how I wanted it and I told them Medium but it was more Well Done than Japanese Well Done, basically it was almost all brown.  However, it was very good, no gamy taste, tender and tasty – so I didn’t actually mind it being well done.  I often find potatoes not fried enough or fried too long but these were very good.  I also love sautéed onion.




My friend had Huber’s burger – it comes with cheese and bacon.  She cannot eat onions so she asked them without.


予約が入れられないのが困りますが、今日は12時に行ったらまだまだ空いていました。土曜日はどうかな〜?外席もありますが室内はそう広くないので、週末はすぐ埋まってしまいそうですね。最近、土曜日の食材のお買い物の一部(特にお肉)を Huber’s ですることが多いので、今度は夫と行こうと思いますが早めに行かないと、ですね。

The only thing is that they don’t accept reservation but there was enough tables around 12.00 today.  I’m guessing you’d have to get there early on weekends, though.  They have outside seats as well but inside isn’t very large.  We have been going there for Saturday food shopping for the last few weeks, I’d like to go back with my husband but we’ll have to start early.



My friend made 3 simple cards after this quick lunch, but I forgot to take a photo…



22 Dempsey Rd,
Singapore 249679

Tel:  6737 1588



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