Girls’ Night In


It’s been a while since I invited any friends for dinner, I’m getting more and more lazy… but as my husband has been away I decided to get together with a few friends and cooked Thai dinner.


I used bright blue and green cloth, Turquoise blue napkin and purple hydrangea for the table, which I think look very summery.












There were 4 of us altogether so I cooked 4 dishes.  I thought about making one more dish (chicken in pandan leaf) but decided against it as there are 2 strong-tasting dishes that makes you want to have lots of rice with.

The menu was :

  • Stir-fried mince pork with basil
  • Mince Pork Salad
  • Fried Egg Salad
  • Massaman curry (chicken, potato & tomato)

Sweet & spicy stir-fried mince pork with basil, fresh and spicy mince pork salad and light fried egg salad and sweet and rich Massaman curry



Mince Pork Salad.  I love this dish with lots of herbs.



Stir-fried mince pork.  I thought I might’ve made it too salty but it was OK when I had it with rice.



It’s been a while I made Massaman curry.




I forgot to take a photo of “fried egg salad”.  It’s a salad of onion, Chinese celery, tomato (and I also used some cucumber today) on top of fried eggs with coriander leaves dressed with basic Thai style salad dressing.



I’m quite happy that they tasted how I like and I could see my friends enjoying them.


I forgot to make dessert (I didn’t even think of it) so I served some cheeses instead after the meal.



They all brought wine or champagne – still a bottle of wine and a bottle of Champagne left as we only had 2 bottles altogether!  One of them also brought a beautiful flower arrangements.  It’s not my birthday but she wanted to use this card she made yesterday because it went so well with the arrangement.





We had a lovely evening, eating and chatting with Champagne.  I must do this again.




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