Thai Dinner Again


My husband caught a cold on his business trip to Shanghai.  I guess he caught it on the plane, which seems to happen often to me, too.  It sounded like he had some fever as he had achy body, it was a shame he wasn’t carrying Japanese cold medicine.  I don’t think such medicine (Japanese ones reduced all sorts of cold symptoms quite well) exists outside Japan, besides he probably doesn’t have time to go to a chemist.


He came back today and says he is feeling a little better but isn’t well at all, so we decided to have dinner at home rather than going out.  There was some Massaman curry left from last night and there are lots of herbs for Mince Pork Salad and Stir-fried Mince Pork with Basil so I decided to make them.  I didn’t make Fried-egg salad because 4 dishes is much too much for 2 of us.  Table is basically the same as yesterday.













Even 3 dishes were too much even though I didn’t of course use as much mince pork as last night.  Still, I enjoyed it very much because these are all my favourite Thai dishes.  My husband was also eating well, hope the spicy food will blow his cold away!









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