Sous Vide Rib Eye Steak


My husband, who caught a cold in Shanghai (or on the plane) wasn’t able to sleep for 2 days because his nose was blocked but he was sleeping very well last night with the help of Japanese cold medicine and he says he is feeling much better today.  He even cooked dinner.

少し前に買った低温調理器(Sous Vide)のAnovaを使って、ステーキでした。Huber’sで買ったアメリカ産のリブアイ。1度目は2センチくらいの厚さに切ってもらったのですが、ちょっと火が入りすぎたかなと思ったので(最後に焼き色をつけるときに多少火が入ってしまうので)今回は倍の4センチにして半分ずつ食べることにしました。塩胡椒、タイム、オリーブオイルと一緒にジップロックに入れて129度(摂氏54度)で1時間。

He used Anova (Sous Vide we bought recently) and cooked Steak.  We bought American Rib Eye.  The last time we bought 2 of 2cm thickness steaks but this time we bought 1 piece of 4cm instead because we thought searing outside cooks it too far when it’s not thick.  He put salt, pepper, thyme and olive oil with the steak in a zip lock and cooked it at 129F for an hour, then seared outside with butter.


He also cooked roasted potatoes and boiled broccolini.  The reason why we have been using broccolini is because there aren’t a lot of vegetables in Huber’s (where we buy the meat). I think they have only broccolini and thin asparagus as green vegetables.






It was delicious!!  I think steak is the best cooked with Sous Vide, it’s so good!  We halved a 550g Rib Eye, but it has a lot of fat, probably at least 1/3 is fat.  The fat is not marbled in like Japanese beef so we left most of it.


The sauce is red wine and mushroms so you cannot really see what the cut surface of the steak looks like.  It was quite red, some parts looked more like rare than medium rare, but when you eat it it has the texture of more like medium rare or medium, really tender and didn’t seem rare texture (I don’t like the texture when it’s very rare).  I love it!







I’ve bought Abondance cheese a few times as I love it but they didn’t have it today, so we tried St James from the UK.  It’s much softer cheese than Abondance but I liked it.



Oh, I nearly forgot!  While my husband was cooking dinner, he came over to me with something on his heart saying “Look!”.  In his hand, there was a small heart-shaped potato!




He roasted it with others and gave it to me!  It’s right next to the broccolini.







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