New Kushiage Restaurant “Rokkakutei”


This evening we tried a new Kushiage restaurant “Rokkakutei” that opened just a few days ago for dinner.





Vegetables were fresh and the pickles were also very tasty.




We chose their “omakase” course, which includes 20 sticks.  However, as I cannot eat seafood or fish they gave me only 11 sticks in total, they were not able to replace what I cannot eat with something else.  I asked them to cook 3 additional sticks from what I’d already had to make up for some and had 14 sticks in total.  (They do give you discount from the total bill for the sticks you didn’t have.)


As they all look similar I’m not going to upload many photos but there weren’t really anything special to be honest, they were all quite ordinary.  I guess there might have been a couple of a little unusual ones like konnyaku but none of them was outstanding.


Near to the end, they served some slices of bread and granite.  Granite had some lumps of ice, which wasn’t very pleasant.  Bread was fine but we felt it was strange to have bread when we nearly finished our dinner.  It would have made more sense to serve it in the beginning, I think.






I know they opened only a few days ago and did expect certain things not going smoothly but the local chef, who was in charge of us, was making so many mistakes about which sauce to put on which stick, the Japanese chef next to him corrected him or advised him so many times.  There are only 20 kinds and only a few of them need to be topped with some sauce, so how can he make so many mistakes??  We told the staff who took our orders that my husband cannot eat any shellfish and we saw her telling that to the chefs, and the chef in charge also asked us to confirm, but then he served my husband a scallop.  We never found out why because he looked surprised when we told him he cannot eat that.  I guess he doesn’t know scallops are shellfish.


All the meat – wagyu beef and 2 kinds of pork – were gamy and not nice to me.  Nothing was outstanding and nothing was very unusual, I found it quite boring to be honest, specially for the price.  It’s S$134 (++) per person. (Mine was S$100 because I only had 14 sticks.)  I’d love to support Japanese restaurants but sadly I cannot recommend this place, at least if it doesn’t change the menu.

以前何度か行った「Han」では食べられないものの代わりに他のものを揚げてくださいましたし、意外性のある素材や季節の素材が使われていてずっと美味しかったと思います。セントーサにあったSi Bonが「Han」に変わって1度か2度行ったきりで長い間行っていないなと思い自分のブログで検索して見たら、住所が「六覺燈」と同じになっています。「Han」はなくなってしまったようですね。残念。

We were saying how we much preferred the restaurant “Han” (which was “Si Bon” in Sentosa before they changed the name and the location) because I remember they served very seasonal and often many unusual ingredients for their kushiage.  I’ve been there a few times but hadn’t been there for a long time, so I searched on my blog where it was and found out it was at the exact location as this new restaurant.  I guess it means it’s closed down, how sad.



Ginza Rokkakutei
331 North Bridge Road
#01-04, Odeon Towers
Singapore 188720

Tel:6266 1077





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