Ramen (Ippudo)


It’s been a while since we’d been to Ippudo.  My husband wanted to have Ramen so we went there and had Gyoza and Spicy Black Ramen and enjoyed both.  When my husband first moved to Japan he didn’t like Ramen for a long time, I think he just couldn’t stand the noise of people (we Japanese believe they aren’t delicious if you don’t slurp them, not that the noise adds any taste but to be able to eat it when it’s hot you need to slurp or you’ll burn your mouth, and these noodles aren’t nice if they aren’t hot) but he finally got used to the noise and he can now slurp a little!


There are so many Ramen restaurants in Singapore now.  I cannot be bothered to research and just go to Ippudo because that’s where I know, but I wonder which one is the best now.











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  1. anne says:

    hows the food? im going bk to sg to try…. super miss ramen

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      It’s good. I just find it very expensive for what it is as Ramen is one of the cheapest food in Japan, but I shouldn’t complain, this isn’t Japan.

      1. Anne says:

        Yes I find ramen V overpriced in sg too. When I was living in Tokyo…it was one of the cheapest choice especially during winter. 🙂

      2. spiceynoodle says:

        Oh, you lived in Japan? Hope you enjoyed the time there. Yes, it’s overpriced but I guess it cannot be helped because of the rent and expensive ingredients, at least good Ramen is available in Singapore and easily accessible.

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