Indian Dinner At Mustard


The terrorism attack that happened in Barcelona is so scary.  There have been many similar acts occurring in so many places.  I love travelling and when you go somewhere you do want to go out and see places.  We try to avoid places where there would be a huge crowd but cannot avoid everywhere.  We love to go to places like markets or attractive streets.  Spain has been very popular amongst my Japanese friends, many of them have been going there in recent years, it’s so scary that such a thing happens.


Now, we went to “Mustard”, an Indian restaurant, for dinner today.  A few weeks ago we wanted to go there but we left it too late to make a reservation and it was fully booked when I contacted them.  They do get busy on weekends.  There are many many Indian restaurants in Singapore and many are good but the one my husband went to the night before apparently wasn’t good.  Yes, he had to have Indian two dinners in a row because we didn’t know he would be having a company dinner at an Indian restaurant yesterday.  In general, I find the restaurants in Boat Quay, Clark Quay & Robertson Quay not very good (I think you go there to enjoy the atmosphere in general. )



As we tend to order the same things every time, my husband suggested that we try what we haven’t ordered before or we don’t often order.



We had Stuffed potato with peas (deep-fried) and Deep-fried chillis.  There were 3 chillis altogether, and we had one each, thinking “this isn’t spicy at all”- then we shared the last one and it was so so spicy!  After that we had Aloo Gobi, Daal with fried potato, Chicken curry with fenugreek, steamed rice, onion naan and handkerchief roti.  I thought in general what we had today was more salty than usual – I don’t know if it’s just today or they are the more salty ones on the menu.




We had 4 glasses of draft beer in total and the bill was S$111.  Very inexpensive.




32 Race Course Road,
Singapore- 218552

Tel: +65 62978422




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