I read that it’s been raining a lot recently in Tokyo and has been cool for this time of year, apparently more like end of September temperature.  I personally prefer that to hot but many people are unhappy and wants the sun to come out.  I asked my sister, who is in Kansai, if it was cool there as well but apparently not.  With just and odd rainy day here and there, it’s been sunny there.



Today’s dinner was Tonkatsu (deep-fried breaded pork fillet) with raw cabbage, tomato, miso soup and rice cooked with sweet corn.  I had a hamburger at lunch so had just 2 pieces and gave 4 pieces to my husband.  I wondered if 4 pieces were too much but apparently not, he enjoyed all. I should have taken my husband’s plate, this looks a bit sad with just 2 pieces on a large plate.  Not in the photos but we also had beer.


I usually make 1 or 2 small vegetable dishes as well but today it was just Tonkatsu.








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