Spruce (at Fire Station)

2週間ほど前にHuber’sでのランチにご一緒したお友達と、今日はSpruceに行ってみました。以前 Phoenix Park にあったときに時々伺っていましたが、クローズしたと聞いていました。たまたま、検索でヒットして別の場所に移転していたことがわかったので、今日も「お肉が食べたい!」とおっしゃるお友達とバーガーが美味しいはずと行ってみたのでした。

With the friend I went to Huber’s with a couple of weeks ago I had lunch at Spruce at Fire Station.  I’d heard that Spruce at Phoenix Park closed but I happened to see information that it had opened again at Fire Station in Bukit Timah when I was searching something else.  I have had meals a few times in their old place and their burger used to be good so we tried this new place as my friend wanted to have “meat” for lunch.


The old place was in a park so their patio was surrounded by trees and had a lovely atmosphere (but we’ve been attacked by a large number of ants climbing on the table and on our cutlery!) but this new place had quite a different feel.  They did have lots of chairs outside as well but it looked nicer inside.








2人共、Spruce Burgerにしました(わたしはチーズ抜き)。ミディアムでオーダーしましたが、出来上がりはウェルダンでした。う〜ん、お肉固めで少し臭みあり。ピクルスやマスタードやケチャップで誤魔化せば食べられましたが、パンの食感がねっとりというか、なんというか、で余りおいしくなかったです。添えてあるポテトは上手に揚がっていて美味しかったです。

We both had their “Spruce Burger” (no cheese for me).  We ordered them medium but it was actually well done.  The patty was quite firm and meaty, I thought it had a little gamy taste but was able to eat it with pickles, mustard and ketchup to mask that.  However, the bun wasn’t very nice, with a strange sticky and heavy texture.  The potatoes were very nice, though.




So, sadly, the burger here wasn’t to my liking either…  Our burger hunt continues….


We shared a bottle of sparkling water and it was a little more than S$28 each.



Spruce at Fire Station
260 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#01-01, 588190

Tel: 6466 5582




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