Flower Class – Special Event


I received a shocking news from a friend this morning.  At least it’s not anything to do with someone’s health but the news is that this friend will be moved back to Japan.  I guess it’s been about a year and a half since we met for the first time but I was looking forward to having more time with her and learning some cooking from her.  She was a little worried about being moved in spring time but wasn’t expecting to be moved this time of year, so it’s even a bigger shock for us all.  She was going to come to make cards next week but we now changed it to a lunch gathering with some other mutual friends because it looks like she may not be able to find another free day as she will be having visitors and she’ll have to prepare for the move.  It might be a farewell lunch…


と、ショックな気持ちを引きずったまま、今朝は昨日に引き続きお花のイベントがありました。今日もCarpo のイベントですが、半年ほど前に一度あった Guaxs を扱っておられるお店とのコラボイベント。作ったシャンペトルは、これです。


Anyway, today, there was another flower event done by the instructor of the flower class I take regularly so I joined it – it’s a corroboration event with a shop that sells Guaxs vases. Here is the bouquet I made at the class.






Last time, everyone made a small bouquet but this time we were able to choose between Champetre and a small bouquet and I chose Champetre.




Small bouquets were also very pretty.







Mine is the one in the orange vase.  The colour of the vase clashes with the colours of the flowers, I think, but we put the flowers in the vases to let the flowers get some water, not to display, so I didn’t have a choice.






We have the bouquet my husband gave me for our wedding anniversary (it’s still looking OK), the bouquet I made yesterday after the class and today’s bouquet, so 3 relatively large bouquets are in our living and dining area.

I would like to get 1 or 2 more vases but I couldn’t decide which one today.  I’m considering a blue one….



This is the bouquet I made with the flowers I used for the class yesterday.






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