Vegetable Curry (using left-over soup)


Today’s diner was vegetable curry – using left-over soup I made a couple of days ago as I’d planned.  I did sautee onion with garlic, ginger and spices and added some soup stock, then put in the left-over soup and the curry roux. The cauliflower and butternut squash seem to have melted so it doesn’t look as if it has enough vegetables.   I was worried that I may make it too big again if I added some more vegetables but I think I should have added some, or maybe I added too much soup stock.  Anyway, it was good enough.





Talking about vegetable curry, a couple of weeks ago I had an email from my husband’s brother’s wife in England asking for the recipe for my vegetable curry.  She wanted to cook a Japanese dish for her Book Club because they were reading a book by Kazuo Ishiguro.  I explained to her that my recipe is quite different from normal Japanese curry and gave her the recipe.   Apparently it was a big hit both for her family and the Book Club!  Yay!





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