Pasta with Beef & Mushroom Ragu


I was going to make Okonomi-yaki tonight for my husband but I remembered we haven’t found Tenkasu anywhere, which is absolutely necessary.  So I changed my plan.


I did think about cooking what I learned but by then it was late afternoon and I wasn’t sure if I had enough time to do shopping and cooking.  Rather than putting that pressure on myself, I decided to cook something very easy – I defrosted Beef & Mushroom ragu that  I had frozen sometime ago and mixed it with short pasta (Rigatoni) that my husband likes.


The ragu has more mushrooms than mince beef, it also has a lot of wine and some dried porcini.  I added a little chilli flakes for a kick and grated some Parmesan cheese on top.



This is my husband’s portion.  I think about 80g and mine was less than a half of that as I wasn’t hungry having had a big lunch.




However, once I started eating I didn’t have any problem with finishing it.  It tasted delicious and I said so, which surprised my husband.  He told me it was very rare that I praise my own cooking.  It’s true, I think I can probably count the times I think I cooked something delicious without any criticism.  Maybe freezing it helped?








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