Japanese Spaghetti Napolitan & India trip


My husband is still away and I haven’t done anything much other than sitting in front of my PC and reading this and that, which, I know, isn’t good for me and gives me this headache…


Things I’ve been obsessively reading are about India because we decided to go to India for a trip early next year.  What’s interesting is that, when I tell this to my friends, all my non-Japanese friends (not many, I must say, but they all have been to India) say “You’ll have a great time!” and all my Japanese friends (just a few of them have been to India) say “What?!  You? India?  Why?  Are you sure?”  Interesting and funny, I wonder why.


I must admit that India was never a place “I really want to go” for a various obvious reasons but I’m not “not interested”.  Now that we think we’ll “probably” move to the UK in a couple of years and thought where we’d like to go to that is easier from Singapore than the UK, India is one of the places.  My husband has been there quite a few times (but on business only) and he doesn’t like dirty places in general but somehow he does like India and when I asked him if he feels we should have a holiday there before we move he told me he does, so we decided to do so.  We’ll be having a car with a driver and a guide everywhere and staying in good hotels – so it’ll be India for softies, but it’s still an  unpredictable destination for us and I’m curious myself how I would react.  (If you don’t know me personally, I don’t like dirty places, smelly places, I don’t like to be in a crowd, I don’t do “roughing it”, I need my comfort, I’m far from adventurous … now you know why my Japanese friends are shocked.)


It’ll be early February so we still have plenty of time, you would think, but some hotels we wanted to stay at are already sold out in a place there aren’t many “good” hotels, so we had to lower our standard.  Apparently February is the 2nd highest season after Christmas and New year.  Many people seem to start planning a year or a half year in advance.  I usually start planning our holiday early, too, but it was only at our Wedding Anniversary dinner that we even thought about it, so I was late.  I guess lots of tour companies keep them for their clients, too.


As not many places were familier to me, it took me a while to remember the names of the places, locations, characteristics of each place etc and I was quite nervous if I can make a plan and get the hotels we would be happy with before many get booked up.  Finally all the hotels are booked, flights are booked and I have a good idea about each place now and just started to feel that I can look forward to the trip.


Anyway, this is why I’ve been spending hours and hours in front of my PC in the last few weeks and keep getting this headache.


The photo has nothing to do with the above but it’s my dinner today – Japanese style “Spaghetti Neapolitan”.






Today, I used a sausage as well as vegetables.  In Japan we use Japanese sausages – they are similar to German style I think but maybe quite unique.  It’s the type you can eat raw, it’s skin is “crispy” – I don’t now how to describe it but it bursts when you bite – and inside is quite juicy.  My husband loves it, too, and we tried to find them here but by some reason we cannot find them anywhere.  You can find most Japanese food here so I wonder if there is some restriction that prevent them to be imported.  Anyway, I used American sausage that is similar to Japanese ones.




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