Bakalaki – Greek Restaurant


My husband, who was away from midnight on Sunday, finally got home this morning!  It was a long separation…  but he is going away again next week.  These business trips seem to come a few together.


As he wasn’t sleeping many hours while he was away working hard and he came back on a night flight, we thought we’d go out for dinner tonight rather than him cooking.  However, the restaurant I wanted to try was fully booked in the evening (they have 2 seatings, one at 6.00 and the other at 8.00 and 8.00 was fully booked) so I decided to book it for lunch thinking we’ll have a big lunch and have something light in the evening.

行ってみたのはTripadvisorで「シンガポールで一番美味しいレストラン」というギリシャ料理の「Bakalaki Greek Taverna」。まだオープンして新しいレストランだそうですが、なるほど人気の様子、とても賑やかでした。お店の内装はとても素敵。モダン過ぎずモダンで明るいお店でした。

We tried a newly opened restaurant, “Bakalaki Greek Taverna”, which is supposed to be ranked as the best restaurant in Singapore on Tripadvisor.  It was very busy, obviously very popular.  The decor is very nice – modern but not too modern if you know what I mean.






We ordered quite a few things from the starters but didn’t order any main.


Fava beans.  I didn’t realise it was a dip.



We didn’t expected this potato dish to be just fried potatoes….



I liked Halloumi cheese – softer and nicer than what I buy in supermarkets – but 1 slice was enough for me.



I wasn’t keen on the Dolmades, the texture of the filling was too wet for me.



We wondered what “tomato pattie” would be, and this was it.  Again the texture was too wet for us.



They gave us a complimentary dessert – yoghurt with honey and walnuts.






Everything came, I think, within about 5 minutes after we ordered.  I cannot say any of them was bad but many of them were not to our taste, I guess we ordered what we don’t like very much.  We probably should have ordered just a couple of starters and add a main dish, maybe it would have made it more interesting.

Th service was quite good and the atmosphere was very nice.


Bakalai Green Taverna
3 Seng Poh Road
Singapore 168891

Tel: 6836 3688

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