Keema Curry & Daal


Today’s dinner was Keema Curry and Daal, I hadn’t made it for quite a while.  The recipe for Keema Curry is from a friend, who is originally from Pakistan.  I do measure the spices but somehow sometimes it’s very spicy while other times it’s just right.  Today, it was very spicy!  I think the black peppers are new ones and probaby more spicy than others I’d used as the heat seemed more from black pepper than chilli pepper.  Daal recipe is from a cooking class and I really love the aroma of curry leaves fried in oil, it seems to add so much.  I think the acidity from tamarind also adds the depth.


Keema was very spicy but with mild daal we were able to enjoy it and as we ate it seemed to get less spicy, I guess we got used to it.














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