Chilli Con Carne


It’s already November!!  I cannot believe it.  I feel as if the new year started only a little while ago.

ところで、昨日はハロウィーンでしたが、みなさん何かされたのでしょうか?今はお子さんがいれば何かしらするのだろうとは思いますが、夫が子供の頃はアメリカと違ってイギリスではハロウィーンの習慣はなかったので夫は何の思い出も感慨もないため、我が家はごく普通の日です。でも、夕方スタディーでインドのことを調べたりしていたらベルが鳴って、ドアに向かって歩きかけたら「Trick or treat!」という声が聞こえました。あら、あら。ここのコンドは参加したい人だけドアのところに印をつけるというシステムのはずなのに。スタディーからメインのドアまでは結構遠いので、デスクに戻って居留守(笑)。わかっていれば用意しましたけど、そんなつもりじゃなかったので何もなかったのです。

Yesterday was Halloween.  Have you done anything?  I guess those who have small children do something even in England these days but when my husband was a child Halloween meant nothing in England so it still doesn’t mean anything to him or me.  However, yesterday, early in the evening, our doorbell rang.  I was in the Study researching India and was going to go for the door but I heard someone shouting “Trick or treat!!” so I went back to the desk chair and pretended I wasn’t at home.  There is quite a long distance between the Study and the main door so I don’t think they would have known someone was in.  I would have prepared something if I’d known someone would come but you are supposed to put some sign at the door if you want the children to visit you in this condo and we didn’t so there was nothing at home I could give.



Today’s dinner was Chilli Con Carne on my husband’s request.  Even though I have made this hundreds of times, it seems to come out differently every time.  Every time I make it my husband says “Best ever!” but it’s sometimes a little too salty or not salty enough or too spicy or not spicy enough or no depth or often something isn’t quite right.  I have to say today it did seem the best ever.  It had the depth, just right seasoning and just the right spiciness.






We are going to the Maldives tomorrow for 4 nights.  I hate being hot, getting sun tan, and cannot do any water sports, but hopefully we’ll enjoy some snorkelling and just relaxing.  I’ll probably have plenty of time to blog.





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