Light Lunch At House Of AnLi

今朝は今月のお花のレッスンでした、お花の写真はまた明日撮ってアップします。レッスンはお友達と一緒だったので、レッスンの後少し遅めのランチをご一緒しました。タングリンモールの「House Of AnLi」での軽いランチ。タングリンモールは随分古いモールですが、シンガポールに引っ越してきたときにいらしたお友達が「使えるお店が結構入っているモール」ということで教えてくださったモールです。その後いくつかお店が新しくなっていますが、House of AnLi は比較的最近入った雑貨屋さんで、1年ほど前でしょうか、もっと長くなるのでしょうか、カフェが併設されました。置かれている雑貨も素敵ですし、カフェの内装も素敵。シンガポールにいて心ときめく数少ないお店の1つだと思います。

I had a flower lesson this morning.  As the light isn’t good now I will take photos of the flowers tomorrow.

A friend of mine was also at the class so we had a late lunch after the lesson at House of AnLi in Tanglin Mall.  Tanglin Mall itself is quite an old mall and I was taken there by a friend at the time who was living here when I moved from Hong Kong to Singapore 8 years ago as “a mall with quite a few useful shops”.  Since then some of the shops changed and House of AnLi is one of the new ones.  It has a shop with lots of lovely things and also a cafe with beautiful decor.  I feel that there aren’t many shops in Singapore that makes your heart sing but this is one of few that does.




I have a feeling they have more items on their menu than sometime ago, but not too sure…  Shame they don’t have any sandwiches or salads with interesting ingredients, though, as they would be what I want for lunch.  In the end we decided to have quiche – bacon and courgette.  The bacon they used seems not a very salty type and there was lots of slices of courgette and not much of the egg and cream mixture so it was nice and light but needed more seasoning.  After using some salt and pepper it was quite nice.  The salad dressing was good, too.



I should have stopped here, but I was still quite hungry.  I did think I would feel more full later but I couldn’t resist it and had pain au chocolat – and I’m regretting it now!  It felt about right after eating it but now I’m uncomfortably full.



Anyway, it was lovely to catch up with my friend as we hadn’t seen each other for a little while, she was in Japan before we went to the Maldives.

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