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On the day before yesterday, I took a flower class – Champetre (large French style bouquet) as always.  I could take a small bouquet or composition class but I feel a large bouquet adds so much to our dining area that I keep taking the same class.  Even though I’ve been taking the same Champetre class, naturally I’m given different flowers every time so it doesn’t mean it’s easy, I find it especially hard when large hydrangeas are included.  Large stems make it difficult to make a good spiral with others and also the large heads of flowers somehow makes it hard for me to let other flowers be positioned well.  The greens are Thai basil so they are very fragrant.


The orchid flower heads are very large and the colours of the hydrangeas make it hard to see them but there are 3 large hydrangeas in the bouquet.  Red berries make it look Christmassy, especially when it was wrapped with a Bordeaux colour wrapping paper, it looked a very grown-up Christmas colour.


















When I choose flowers for bouquet, I tend to get similar flowers but the instructor’s choices are always very interesting and inspiring.  Of course, taking a class once a month isn’t really often enough to take it in, but hopefully I’m learning slowly.



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  1. Oooo. I’d love to attend a flower arranging class like this.

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Do you live in Seoul? Do you not have any flower classes there? I know sometime ago there was Jane Packer’s flower shop and school in Soeul but don’t know if they are still there. I have taken Jane Packer’s bouquet class in London (I think it was 3 day class, 2 classes a day) and it was really wonderful, more variety than here because here available flowers are very limited. I would have thought that Seoul would have flower classes. Hope you can find a class like this where you are.

      1. I will look into it then. Thanks for the info 🙂

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