Cheese Appreciation Class


I attended “Cheese Appreciation Class” run by Shoko at Providore.  As they don’t run any cheese classes in December, this was their last lesson this year so the theme was “Cheese to enjoy in the Winter Season”.  Usually we get just one glass of wine but today we were given 2 glasses of wine – one Prosecco and one red.


As always all the cheese was displayed beautifully.  Normally they use just 1 table to display all the cheese but today they used 2 tables because one of the cheese was Raclette, which needed some extra space.



The Raclette machine we have is the type you put a slice in a little container and put it under a grill to melt it but they used this one – that you use a large chunk of Raclette cheese and melt just the surface to scrape off.



1つ目のチーズは、ブリア・サヴァラン・トリュフ(Brillat Savarin au Truffle)。美食家で有名なブリア・サヴァランさんの名前がついたチーズで、今日はトリュフ入りのもの。断面を撮るべきでした(恥)。フランスの牛のミルクと生クリームで作れらた、クリーミーでリッチな味わいのチーズ。ブルゴーニュからノルマンディーにかけて作れれるもので、シャンパンとよく合う。フレッシュタイプと熟成タイプがあり、今日は熟成タイプ。わたしは乳製品独特の匂いが苦手なのでクリーミーなチーズは苦手ですが、はちみつをかけると美味しくいただけます。今日は、トリュフ入りのハチミツでした。

The 1st Cheese was Brillat Savarin au Truffle.  Triple cream brie, very creamy and rich.  It’s produced in Burgundy and Normandy.  There is fresh type and aged type, the one we had today was aged type.  I don’t like “dairy” smell or taste and in general don’t like creamy cheese but this one was enjoyable with truffle honey.  (I should have taken a photo of the cut part, it has a layer of truffle in the middle.)




They served some Rocket, Apple and Walnut salad, the dressing was very nice.



2nd cheese was Raclette.  It’s produced both in France and Switzerland.  The one from Switzerland is stronger.  (You can buy both in supermarkets like Cold Storage here.)  Staff of Providore melted the cheese using the 2nd photo from the top, poured the cheese over new potatoes and served us with some salami, pickled onion (it wasn’t too sour and very nice) and cornichon.  Very nice.



The prosecco we had was from Venice and it’s cork was a little unusual.





3つ目のチーズは、モンドール (ヴァシュラン・デュ・オー・ドゥー)。A.O.P。チーズの真珠と呼ばれ、8月15日から3月15日の期間のみジュラ山脈を挟んでフランス側とスイス側で作られ、9月10日から8月15日に販売されるチーズ。ラクレット同様、これもスイス産の方が味わいが深いそうです。もみの木の香りを移すためにもみの木の樹皮で側面を囲まれ、さらにもみの木箱に入れられています。少なくともシンガポールでは最近はとても人気があってどなたもご存知な有名なチーズというイメージですが、どうなのでしょうか。オーブンで火を入れて柔らかくとろとろになったところをいただきます。

The 3rd cheese was / Vacherin du Haut-Doubs.  A.O.P.  It’s called “Pearls of Cheese”.  It’s made of cow’s milk.  Produced between the 15th August and the 15th March and sold between the 10th September and the 10th May in Switzerland and France in the Jura region (but called “Vacherin du Haut-Doubs in Switzerland).  It’s encased with a strip of spruce before being aged on a spruce board.  It’s usually eaten after being baked in the oven in it’s case like fondue.  I think it has become so popular and well know, everyone seems to know it – I don’t know if it’s the case everywhere but it seems to be so here.





4つ目のチーズは、リヴァロ。A.O.P.  フランスのノルマンディー地方のリヴァロ村で牛乳から作られたチーズで、アナトーで色がつけられたウォッシュタイプのチーズ。もっちりしていて香りが強いチーズですが、今日のものはかなり若く香りもそれほど感じませんでした。

The 4th cheese was Livarot (A.O.P).  It’s one of the oldest cheese, with a very pungent aroma.  It’s also called “The Colonel” because of the five strips of raffia that encircle the cheese, similar to the one worn on a French army colonel’s uniform.  It’s coloured in annatto.  Although it’s known for it’s pungent aroma, today’s Livarot was quite young and not so strong smelling.




The 6th and the last cheese was Stilton.  Made from cow’s milk.  Both my husband and I love Stilton but it’s very hard to find really good one here.  When the condition is good, it’s very nutty and delicious.  Today, we had it on mini pancake and red wine jelly.  In England many people have it with Port.  I hear people say that some people pour port in the middle of a whole Stilton after making a dent in the middle but I haven’t seen that done personally.









Today’s cheese was all familiar to me, nothing was new.  Brillant Savarin is a little too creamy for me but I was able to enjoy it with honey and I liked all the others as well.  I enjoyed everything, I was feeling very full by the time I left the class.  (There is no photo but we had quite a lot of bread as well.  I cannot eat salty food without rice or bread, so I need bread or non-salty biscuits to eat cheese.)




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