Chorizo, Potato, Poached Egg


For today’s dinner I cooked something I made up about 20 years ago when I started eating Chorizo in Hong Kong.  It’s a warm salad of potato, chorizo and poached egg.


Although I made it up, the combination of potato, chorizo and egg is something anyone can come up with.  When I bought chorizo in Hong Kong I was sure it’ll go so well with potato and poached egg.  The chorizo we get here in Singapore isn’t as nice but it’s OK.  I have made minor changes over the years but basically it’s a warm salad with cold and crispy Romain lettuce, stir-fried onion, red or/and yellow pepper, chorizo and potato.  For the dressing, I pour some expensive balsamic vinegar as well as ordinary balsamic vinegar in the frying pan after I cook chorizo that has some remaining oil that comes out from the chorizo.


I love the combination of cold crispy Romain Lettuce and warm vegetables and choriso and also the combination of chorizo and potato.  I also love the dressing of flavourful red oil from chorizo and balsamic vinegar.  However I must say it’s not a very pretty salad.  I have tried to make it look nicer and now I cook onion & red/yellow pepper, chorizo and potato all separately so that the oil from chorizo doesn’t make everything red.  Today I oven-roasted potato and it was easier.  Although it’s not a very time consuming dish there are a lot of things to do at the same time.


My husband asked me to use 4 poached eggs instead of 2 – I have to say 4 would have been better as the egg yolk becomes a part of the dressing.









ちなみに、ポーチドエッグを作るのがとても苦手でなかなか上手に出来ません。今回、Nigela Lawson の Turkish Egg で使っているポーチドエッグの作り方で作ってみたら、うまく行きました。

I’ve never been good at making poached egg, I find it hard to make it look nice and cook it the way I want.  However, I tired Nigela Lawson’s method for the first time today and it worked well.




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  1. Hiya, just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger & Blogger Recognition awards. I have included a link to your blog in one of my posts with a little comment 🙂

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Thank you, it’s very kind of you to do so. The restaurants I go to is mainly in Singapore rather than Hong Kong by the way, we live in Singapore now.

      1. Oh sorry. Either way, I still enjoy your content 🙂

  2. spiceynoodle says:

    No problem, thank you for nominating my blog.

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