It’s extremely unusual but we went out for dinner 3 days in a row.  My husband was too tired to cook from running the race and I was too lazy.  We went to Nanbantei and had Shiso-maki, Okra-maki, Gyoza, Mini tomato, Agedashi Tofu, Garlic rice, Sweetcorn and Croquettes.  We ordered 2 plates of Gyoza.  (A photo of Edamame is missing but we ordered Edamame as well.)





It was relatively quiet except the music, which seemed like a CD of a Japanese female singer for children’s TV programmes.  Music was quite annoying to be honest.  I never noticed it before, it must be a new CD or something.  Why children’s songs in this sort of restaurant, I have no idea.



My husband had 2 small bottles of Japanese beer and I had a large glass of cold Japanese tea and the total bill was S$110.  Maybe a little more than usual considering I didn’t drink any beer probably because we ordered a few dishes that are not skewers.





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