Christmas Tree 2017


We ordered a Christmas tree and had it delivered a little earlier than usual this year.  For the last few years, we couldn’t find as tall a tree as we would like by some reason, but at least this year we found one that has a good shape.  Last year, there weren’t any good choices and we ended up having one that had a large area without many branches, and also it was leaning towards one side very badly, which bothered us for the whole season.  This year, there were many more choices although not very tall ones, I guess we were always a little too late to go to the nursery.


As I already blogged, my husband ran a half marathon early this morning so he must be very tired, but he was still up to decorating the tree.  As usual, we did it together playing Christmas songs.  This year I decided to use silver and blue as the colours.  I’ve chosen this colour combination a few years ago and used some darker blue ornaments that I bought here, but I decided I didn’t like the colour, so this year there aren’t as many blue ones on the tree as I would like.  I’ll see if I can find ornaments that have the colour I’m looking for and add them in the next few days.




I feel we get tired after decorating the tree in the last few years more than before – a sign of old age!  I don’t think we’ll be able to have such a large tree once we move to England and we won’t have enough storage to keep all the tree ornaments, so I guess we’ll have to get rid of many before we move.

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