Singapore Marathon


My husband started runnning soon after we moved to Singapore and he has been running a few times a week since then.  He also runs a half marathon a few times a year every year and he did the Singapore Marathon this morning.  He got up at 3.00am and the race started a little before 5.00am.  He used to hate the course of Singapore Marathon because you ran places like a parking lot on Sentosa but they changed the course from this year I imagine due to attendants’ complaints.  However, this new course was proven to be quite tough – no breeze and very hot as you run in the city.


My husband was doing very well at running earlier this year, I think until we went to Scotland and England in May/June. With holidays and business trips he struggles to run and have gym sessions consistently, which affected his running performance.  Recently he was saying maybe he would not even run this marathon but in the end he did.  I personally don’t believe it’s that good to run in this hot weather in terms of health but as long as he doesn’t push himself too much and he enjoys it….


His time apparently wasn’t as good as he wanted it to be, but he completed the half marathon, which is great!



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