Early Dinner at Pizza Express

明日早朝に夫はハーフマラソンを走るので、夫は今日は早く夕食をとって早く眠る必要あり。ということで、少し前に行って思っていたより美味しかった Pizza Express に行くことにしました。前回行ったときは1件しかないと思っていたのですが、その後すでに3件あって4件目ももう直ぐオープンするとわかりました。クリスマスが近くなってきて今はオーチャード近辺の渋滞がひどいのでなるべくあちら方面は避けようということで、ホランド・ビレッジのお店に行ってみました。う〜ん、前回行ったお店の方が断然雰囲気が良かった。。。土曜日の早い夕食ということも大きいと思いますが、場所柄もあると思います、みなさん赤ちゃんや小さなお子さん連れでとてもとてもうるさかったです。まぁ、仕方ないですよね、時間が早かったのですし、そういうカジュアルなお店ですし。でも、次回はDuo Galleriaの方に行きます。

My husband is running a half marathon very early tomorrow morning, so he needed to have an early dinner and sleep early, so we decided to go to Pizza Express.  The last time when we went to one of their restaurants, we didn’t know there was more than one, but there are 3 of them in Singapore and the 4th one is opening soon.  This time we tried the one in Holland Village – a big mistake.  It was an early dinner on a Saturday so that’s probably a big part of the reason but I guess it’s also to do with the location, it was full of babies and children and very very noisy.  We don’t usually go out on Saturday so it was a bit of a shock but it’s understandable.  It’s that sort of a restaurant, it cannot be helped.


We had a plate of antipasto like the last time.  The aubergine needed more seasoning but the rest was good, I particularly like the pizza-like bread.



We also had a salad – I think they call it Super Salad?  Mozzarella, cucumber, lentil, butternut squash, avocado and pine nuts.



The we had a pizza – Romano pomodoro.  We thought there was too much pesto and I scraped it off, but it was OK.  I liked the one we had last time much better, though.  The last time I wrote it was “Romano” but I now think it must’ve been Classic as I didn’t find Margherita under Romano.



We got home, watched an episode of a British drama and my husband went to bed.  He has been asleep for a while.

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