Providore @Raffles Place

少し前にお友達からご紹介いただいた、香港からいらした方と軽いランチをご一緒しました。まだ香港からいらして1ヶ月半ほどだそうです。Providore のカフェに行ったことがないのでとリクエストがあり、ラッフルズプレイスにあるカフェに行ってきました。いただいたのは2人共、オーガニックキヌアのサラダ。チキンの胸肉が入っています。トマトがとても甘くて美味しかったです、日本のトマトでしょうか?葉っぱ類の量が少なく見えますが、真ん中が深いタイプの器なので実際にはたっぷりと入っています。

A little while ago, a friend introduced her friend, who moved from Hong Kong to Singapore very recently and we had a light lunch together today.  She wanted to try Providore as she hadn’t been to one of their cafes, so we went to the one in Raffles Place.  We both had their Organic Quinoa, which has a grilled chicken breast.  Tomatoes were so sweet.  It looks as if there isn’t much salad leaves but it has plenty, it’s just that the dish has a deep dip in the middle.



I forgot to take a photo but after the salad we both had a drink – I had a cold pressed juice and my friend had a smoothie.


I almost always go out in a taxi so I don’t usually take an umbrella with me, but you cannot walk from this cafe to the taxi stand without getting wet. Fortunately it didn’t start raining heavily until I was almost home in the cab.  If it rains like it often does here you’ll be soaked in 1 second, so I must remember to take an umbrella with me when I go there next time.


I cannot remember exactly but I think we paid S$32 or S$33 per person.

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