Day 1 in Japan / Gyoza & Jazz


We took a night flight to Fukuoka so we arrived at the airport around 8.30am I think.  The airport is small and is close to the town so we took a taxi and arrived at the hotel around 9.00am – much too early to be able to check in but we left our luggage at the porter and had some breakfast at their restaurant.


As I slept on the plane, I felt my hair was a little flat on one side so I decided to have my hair shampooed and blow dried.  I talked to the Concierge, who informed me after calling that their own hair salon was booked until around 3.00pm but she made a booking for me at the hair salon in the building next door.  I was able to have an appointment at their opening hour, which was 10.30 and had it done.  The seat for shampoo was so so comfortable!!  I’ve never been in such a comfortable seat for shampooing, the one I go to here in Singapore isn’t too bad comparing to the place I used to go to some years ago but it’s still far less comfortable than the ones in Japan.  Japan is so much more advanced in so many aspects.


Before going to the hair salon, I ordered a bouquet of flowers at the flower shop in the hotel as I wanted to give it to my friend and picked it up after having my hair done.  My husband met me at the flower shop after going into the town, buying a new pair of running shoes and checking up the area where he was going to run the following morning.


As I’d already written, we then met our friend at the lobby, had lunch, tea and said good-bye.  We did a quick bit of shopping, then rested in the room until dinner time.


For dinner, I’d booked a gyoza restaurant called “Yushin”.  We’d been there about 9 years ago when we first travelled in Kyushu and liked it very much so I’d decided on this at an early stage of planning the trip.  9 years ago we went there from Canal City with a map in a guidebook but we had a trouble finding the place.  We went round and round in the same area because we couldn’t find it.  This time, we took a taxi from the hotel so we were taken straight there; these days we have Google Maps so we always feel quite safe.  However, the taxi driver was very surprised when we told him the address of the restaurant and told us he didn’t think there would be a restaurant in that area.  Well, there is and it was very busy.  It’s in a residential area so it’s hard to find if you don’t know the area.


Although Fukuoka is known for gyoza, when I searched for gyoza restaurants they were almost all very casual places, not the sort of place you want to linger.  This restaurant is quite fashionable looking, they have other items as well as gyoza and we felt very comfortable there.


Their gyoza is very small and comes in a black square cast iron pan so they keep hot for a long time.  The last time when we were there it was 8 pieces for one order, but this time it was 7 pieces.  I might’ve been wrong the last time but maybe they became slightly more expensive.  This time we ordered 3 orders of gyoza, potato salad, zaru tofu, thin omelette with garlic chives and yakisoba.  The last time we’d ordered 7 orders (!!) of gyoza plus yakisoba.  Even considering that we had a few more items this time, the difference seems quite large, I think it’s obvious that we cannot eat as much as 9 years ago.  I think we ordered 3 draft beer – 1 for me and 2 for my husband.









As you can probably see from the photo, yakisoba had too much sauce for us, but we enjoyed everything else.  I cannot remember how much we paid but it seemed very inexpensive comparing to Singapore.


When we go to restaurants in Japan, we are always very impressed with their staff, they are all working very hard and efficiently as well as being very friendly.  Not just in restaurants but also in department stores, shops, hotels… everywhere.  It’s normal in Japan but we know it’s not normal outside Japan.  Every national character has good and bad but Japanese are certainly one of the hardest workers and their service is outstanding.

夕食の後は、King Fish というジャズクラブに行きました。1セッション4曲だけと短かったのが残念でした。

After dinner, we went to a Jazz Club “King Fish”.  In 1 session they played only 4 pieces, seemed too short…


博多餃子 游心
福岡市博多区住吉2-7-7 ラ・コンチェルト1F
Tel: 092-282-3553

Hakata Gyoza Yushin
Concerto 1F
2-7-7 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku

Jazz Club “KING FISH”
1 Chome-1-10 Daimyo
Chuo, Fukuoka 810-0041

Tel: +81 92-720-1014

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