Day 2 In Japan / Ramen & Christmas Market


2nd day in Fukuoka.  My husband ran in the morning, then had breakfast in a Starbuck’s.  I slept until late, and we left the hotel for lunch a little before 12.00.  I searched online about popular Ramen shops in Fukuoka but there were so many of them, it was too overwhelming to choose one so in the end I asked the Concierge to recommend me one that serves not-too-gamy ramen near the hotel and she suggested Danbo.  You buy tickets first from a machine for your order.  I found their BBQ pork too gamy but enjoyed the ramen itself.  The only problem I found was that a hot air was hitting my face from the aircon unit.  I find that I can cope with the coldness of winter in Japan better than hot indoor temperature.  I cannot understand the need to make it so hot inside.



On the day after this day, we were going to go to Yufuin.  I had bought tickets online but needed to get the actual tickets at a station so we went to Hakata station to do so.  We walked all the way then back to the hotel, which I guess was about 30 minutes one way.  After getting the train tickets, we had a look at the Christmas Market they had in front of the station, bought hot wine and spiral potato, sat at one of the benches and watched a performance of young people singing and playing Christmas songs for a little while.





As it was a Sunday, there were many families with small children having fun.  We don’t like crowds so we don’t often go to places like this but we enjoyed it.  It made us feel nice and Christmassey.

Tel: 092 282 3488

Ramen Danbo
4-7-20 Nakasu
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

Tel:090 282 3488

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