Tray Baked Pork Chop

今日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、ジェイミー・オリーバーの「Tray Baked Pork Chop」(ポークチョップのトレー焼き)。ポークチョップはレモンやニンニクやローズマリーでマリネして、洋梨の他にポテト、パースニップを加えてオーブンで焼くものですが、今日は冷蔵庫に残っていた芽キャベツも入っています。添えている、ブレッドソースがまた美味しい。

Today’s dinner my husband cooked was Jamie Oliver’s “Tray Baked Pork Chop”.  As well as marinaded pork chop (with lemon, garlic, rosemary) pear, parsnip and potato are baked together.  Today, he added some Brussels’s Sprouts, too.  I also love the bread sauce.


Sadly it doesn’t look very pretty or appetising because everything becomes brown, but it is delicious.












Our Christmas Tree will be taken away tomorrow and everything else to do with Christmas has been put away.  Every year when the Christmas decorations are put away, I feel I miss them but at the same time the living room and dining room area look tidier and I quite like it that way.






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