Moroccan Vegetable Pot

今日の夕食は、Moroccan Vegetable Pot (モロッコ風ベジタブルポット)でした。夫がクリスマスプレゼントにくれた、Nigella Lawson の新しい料理本「AT MY TABLE」からです。入っているのは、リーク(西洋ねぎ)、パースニップ、ナス、ポテト、ひよこ豆、グリーンオリーブ、ドライアプリコット、ガーリック、プリザーブレモン、サフラン、クミンシード、生姜、シナモンスティック。リークとクミンと生姜を炒めてから全部加えてお水も加えて30分ほど煮込むだけ、とっても簡単。ほとんどレシピの通りの量(多いので半量)で作りましたが、中途半端に余ってしまうひよこ豆は1パック全部入れたのと、プリザーブレモンは夫があまり好きではないのでかなり少なめに入れました。お塩はほんの一つまみ。プリザーブレモンは随分前にお友達にいただいたものなので塩分が強かったですし、オリーブも塩分が強いので、お塩はあまりなくてもしっかり味がついていました。クスクスに松の実を加えて、コリアンダーをのせていただきました。

Today’s dinner was “Moroccan Vegetable Pot” from Nigella Lawson’s new book “AT MY TABLE“, which was one of the Christmas presents from my husband.  It has leek, parsnip, aubergine, potato, chick peas, green olives, dried apricot, garlic, preserved lemon, saffron, cumin seed, ginger and cinnamon stick in it.  After sauteeing leek, cumin and ginger, you put everything else in and let it simmer for 30 minutes or so.  It’s very quick to cook other than the simmering time.

I followed the recipe for almost all the ingredient amounts except that I used a whole pack of chick peas as I didn’t want to leave just a little, and I used a smaller amount of preserved lemon as my husband doesn’t like it very much.  I used very little salt as both preserved lemon and olives are salty and it really didn’t need much.


As there isn’t much spice used I wondered if it would be a little boring so I made the cumin flavoured spicy sauce to have it with.  It was good without but also nice with it.


I think it would be good to add chicken, lamb or beef, too.  It tastes good just with the vegetables but the texture is a little boring as all become soft.  Still, it really tasted good.  The broth was very sweet with all the sweet vegetables and apricot.  We had it with couscous with some dry-roasted pine nuts and some coriander leaves.













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