Sausage & Vegetable Traybake

クリスマスディナーに買ったソーセージ(チポラタソーセージという小さな生ソーセージ)を冷凍してあったのを使いたかったのと、昨日使った西洋ねぎも半分残っていたので「sausage leak」で検索して挙がってきた「Sausage, Leek & Potato Traybake」というソーセージ、リーク、ポテトなどをローストしたものを夕食にしました。元のレシピにはなかったのですが芽キャベツ(これもクリスマスディナーに買った残り)がそろそろダメになりそうだったので、芽キャベツも加えました。リークやポテトや芽キャベツには、粒マスタードと蜂蜜とオリーブオイルを混ぜたものを絡めてから焼いています。

I wanted to use up the sausages that were left from Christmas Dinner that I had put in the freezer, and also a half of leek left over from last night’s dinner, so I searched for “sausage, leek” and found a recipe “Sausage, Leek & Potato Traybake“.  It has sausages, leek, potatoes & peppers.  I also added Brussels sprouts (again left from Christmas Dinner and starting to go off).  A mixture of grain mustard, honey & olive oil is used to flavour the vegetables.  Sausages are chipolatas, so they are quite small.








It’s very easy to make and we enjoyed it.  It’s very similar to the dinner my husband cooked the other day – Jamie Oliver’s Pork Chop Tray Bake.  I think parsnips and apples would also work with this and onions instead of leek would also work.  Basically anything you might use for a roast would work.

In Japan and Hong Kong we used to have a roast meal quite often, especially on a Sunday evening (beef, pork & chicken) but here in Singapore I find it too hot to cook a whole roast meal.  This one doesn’t make me too hot and is quite easy to do but is still very similar to a proper roast.










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  1. Simple but yet super yummy!!!! I love sausages!!!!!!! 😊

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Thank you very much for all your positive comments!

      1. You’re welcome, just telling the truth ❤️

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