Quinoa, Beet, Sweet Potato & Apple Salad


Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad.  Soup was cumin flavoured tomato soup.  I realised that I hadn’t used quinoa for a long time so I decided to use it for the salad and combined with beet, sweet potato & apple.




I used black quinoa – you cannot see it on the salad plate but it’s under the apple, beet & sweet potato.  When you mix quinoa with other ingredients I feel it doesn’t look very nice because it tends to coat the other things.  I added some lemon juice, salt & pepper and cumin powder to the quinoa.  I don’t like white quinoa very much because the texture is too wet and mushy for me, but red and black ones have more texture and are a bit nutty.  I find the earthy flavour or quinoa not very desirable (although black and red ones don’t have such strong flavour) but adding cumin seems to get rid of it.


To the apple I just mixed some lemon juice so it doesn’t change the colour.  I mixed lemon juice and left-over dressing (it was made with fruit vinegar and olive oil) plus some harissa paste.  Sweet potato (Japanese) was roasted in the oven until soft inside and then just salted.  I did pour some of the left-over dressing over the salad leaves and also all over  then added a sprinkling of coriander leaves.


I thought perhaps a wetter type of sweet potato would have worked better (Japanese ones are really sweet but quite dry) but we still enjoyed it.  Many of my friends’ husbands don’t enjoy salads but my husband loves it specially something a little unusual, which is good for me as I love them myself.




I didn’t want to leave a little bit of this and that so I used a half of apple, a whole beet, 2 small sweet potatoes, thinking there will be too much.  When I put all on a plate it looked too big for two of us and I thought I would have whatever is left for lunch tomorrow, but we ended up eating all.

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