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As a rule, we go out on Fridays and I chose a place for this week and made a booking a few days ago, but as soon as I booked a table, I realised it was the wrong type of a place in “Dry January”.  I’d booked an organic wine bar called “RVLT”.  Of course I could have cancelled it but I couldn’t come up with somewhere else and was too lazy to try, so I told my husband I chose a wrong place but we are going to go with it.







I knew that their food menu was small but there were fewer things I can eat because more than a half of the items were fish or seafood.  We ordered 3 items first – Olives, Potato Focaccia and Wagyu Toastie.  We thought we’ll decide about more after eating these 3 items.




Potato Focaccia was very nice, I love the slightly chewy but at the same time fluffy texture.



Wagyu Toastie wasn’t bad but we could only taste the sauce, (which was like tomato paste) – could not taste beef at all.



There was “Beef Cheek” on their menu that we thought about ordering.  It said “with XO” but it would be on the side so I could have eaten it.  However, we thought that might be too much because we were about 70% full, so we decided to order Cheese Plate and then Passion Fruit Semifredjudo.


Cheese Plate was smaller than I expected.



Passion fruit Semifreddo.




It wasn’t really a “Friday Night Dinner”type of place, but everything we had was very good.  If we had wine we would have felt more satisfied – it was my own fault to choose this place when we cannot drink.  I particularly loved the Focaccia.  As we didn’t eat much – they were more like bar snacks – and we didn’t drink any alcohol, the bill was unbelievably cheap, S$62!  The cheapest dinner we’ve ever had, possibly the cheapest “meal” we’ve ever had in Singapore as I don’t think we often even have lunch that cheap.



However, we weren’t very sure about ordering wine.  They told us that the menu was on the wall – which I think mean the wine bottles.  People were pointing at a bottle of wine to order.  As they have quite obscure organic wine most of us haven’t got any clue which wine would be to our taste so I don’t know how we would choose one.  There was no price either.  Do we just choose a label we like??  A bit of a mystery.  I’m guessing we would tell the staff what sort of wine we like and what our budget is and they’ll give us some recommendations.



38 Carpenter Street,
#01-01, 059917





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