Vegetable Bake With Cheese


We didn’t make a plan or do shopping for dinner tonight so we just roasted some vegetables that we had and put some cheese that we tend to waste on top.  Vegetables were potato, red & yellow pepper, parsnip and pumpkin.  I meant to use some onion as well but forgot.  20 minutes in the oven, turn them upside down, then back to the oven for 10 minutes.  Scatter some cheese (we used 3 different cheese) here and there, put it back to the oven for a minute to let it melt and it was done.



The vegetables are very sweet so they go well together with salty cheese.  The potatoes are they type that becomes quite sticky, they are very sweet and delicious but you have to be very careful not to burn your mouth.

Simple but we quite enjoyed it and I feel good we used what we might’ve wasted.








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