It’s been raining so much in the last 2 to 3 weeks.  It always rains a lot here but usually only very heavily for a short time, but recently it rains sometimes heavily, sometimes quietly, but does it for many hours so often, and it’s keeping it very cool.  It’s so unusually cool that even I feel a bit “chilly”. Of course it’s all relative and it’s still 24C, but even tap water seems “cold”, which I don’t remember happening since we moved here, it’s usually warm.  It’s cold in restaurants and freezing cold in taxis!  I looked at the driver the other day wondering why he wants it to be so cold, he was wearing a long sleeve T-shirt and also a vest that looked like filled with down.  No wonder…


We had Okonomi-yaki tonight.  First Issen-yaki (a bit like thick crape with green onion and picked ginger), then Okonomi-yaki.  I used to use thinly sliced pork but I find pork here isn’t very nice so I now use bacon, which is quite reliable.







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  1. Okonomiyaki is honestly one of the things I miss most about my trip to Osaka.

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      I think most western people like it, too!

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