Japanese Hot Pot With a Friend


An American friend, my husband and I were going to have dinner together and we were going to suggest a restaurant, but I thought it might be nice to invite her to dinner at home as she likes Japanese food and she’s been giving us quite a lot of help with planning our India trip.  It was just Japanese hot pot and a little salad, very simple, but I’m happy that she seemed to have enjoyed it.


Usually, people use Chinese cabbage as the main vegetable for a hot pot but my husband and I aren’t so keen on it so I we use iceberg lettuce.  Other vegetables we use are carrot, enoki mushroom, shiitake mushroom, shungiku (green leafy vegetable) and tofu.  I also make chicken balls.  Also today I also got Kagoshima Kurobuta (pork).  For chicken balls, I add garlic, ginger, mirin, tofu, salt, pepper, coriander leave stems and corn starch as well as some tofu to minced chicken.


For the sauce, I add store-bought sesame sauce to sesame paste, add garlic, ginger, mirin, soy sauce, red pepper (chilli pepper) and chopped stems of coriander leaves.









Naturally, the main thing on the table today is the bouquet.









This friend is leaving Singapore for good in the middle of next month so this is going to be our last time to see her – at least for a while.  She says she will be back to Singapore once a year, so if the timing is right, hopefully we’ll see her next year.  Hope all the best for the new chapter in her life in New York.






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