Thai Lunch At Patara

久しぶりにお目にかかるお友達と、ランチをご一緒しました。しばらく胃腸の調子を崩しておられてお食事をご一緒することが出来なかったのですが、随分回復されたとのことで、お子さんがおられるので普段あまりいらっしゃれないタイ料理に。この方とご一緒のときは(そうでなくてもですが 笑)オリーブライスと空芯菜のオーダーがお決まり。もう1品は、たいビーフサラダにしました。「やっぱり美味しい〜。」と思っていたより召し上がっていたのを嬉しく拝見しました。久しぶりにしっかり召し上がったようでしたので、後から苦しくなっておられないと良いのですが。

I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t been able to talk to properly for a while today.  She had had some problems with her stomach and wasn’t able to eat much so we hadn’t had any meals together for quite a while but she is much better and she wanted to have Thai at Patara in Tanglin Mall.  Whenever we go there together (well, actually, I think I always do this whoever is with me) we always order their olive rice and stir-fried morning glory.  We also ordered Thai Beef Salad.  She seemed to be able to eat more than I thought she would and was enjoying it, I do hope it didn’t cause any indigestion afterwards.


We both had fresh lime soda with the meal, then tea afterwards and it was S$60 per person.





I’m still coughing (I don’t think it’s necessarily from the cold I picked up in India, I think it’s because of the pollution in Delhi as my cold was much better by then but I started coughing on our 2nd day in Delhi) a little and whenever I tried to talk I cough more, which was annoying, but I enjoyed chatting with her.  Of course our main topic was India.  I do recommend India trip to most people if you travel like we did although I’m not sure if it’s as enjoyable with children.  There are some disturbing scenes there and the food can be a bit of a problem, although I think many places had things like pizza and pasta that are simple.



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