India Trip Day 6 / Lunch At The Mountbatten Lodge (near Ranakpur)

ラナークプールのジャイナ教の寺院を観たあとは、インド通のアメリカ人のお友達ご推薦の「The Mountbatten Lodge」 というところでランチをしました。体調が悪かったのでご飯も食べられないのではと思っていましたが、案外普通に食べました。この日はわたしたちが最初に到着しましたが、後から結構たくさんの方達がランチにいらしていました。ウダイプール寄りですがウダイプールとジョドプールの間にあるので、ランチとトイレ休憩に丁度良いのだと思います。お友達がいらしたときはビュッフェではなかったそうですが、わたしたちが行ったときはビュッフェのみのようでした。その日のお客さんの数で決めるのかもしれません。

After visiting the temple in Ranakpur, we went to “The Mountbatten Lodge” for lunch as an American friend who knows a lot about India recommended the place.  I didn’t have much appetite when we arrived and thought I may not be able to eat much but I think I ate OK after all.  We were their first customers this day but many others came after us.  I guess it’s in a convenient place for lunch and going to the restroom when you visit Ranakpur or when you travel between Udaipur and Jodhpur like we did.  My friend told me she didn’t have the buffet but when we were there they only had buffet – I guess it depends on the number of the guests on the day.




I had samosa to start with then a few curries from the buffet – grilled aubergine, tomato curry, potato curry, daal.  The green one is a chicken curry or something with chicken but it was too strongly chickeny for me.  Apart from the chicken I was able to enjoy it all.






I don’t usually have Indian dessert because I find them overly sweet (it gives me a headache) and they often use cardamom, something that I don’t like in desserts.  However, they gave us this dessert so I tried it and I really liked it.  It was I think coffee flavoured but the texture was very special, similar to Japanese sweets.  It was sort of sticky and a little chewy.  I tried to find out the name of it and thought I may find a recipe online but so far no luck.  I would love to make it.





I think it took about an hour or an hour and a half to walk around in the temple, so it was probably around 2.00pm when we arrived in this place.  I was feeling quite unwell by the time we arrived (from a cold) but after taking medicine and eating the lunch I felt a lot better.










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