Thai Dinner At Patara In Tanglin Mall

姪っ子は数年前はあまりスパイシーなものがダメだった記憶だったので聞いてみたところ、ある程度スパイシーなのは大丈夫、タイ料理も好きだしアジア料理全般に好きとのこと。大学に行くようになって、色々食べるようになったのでしょうね。ということで、今日は良く行くタングリンモールの「Patara Fine Thai Cuisine」でのタイ料理にしました。横着して(というより、レストランで目立つのが嫌なので、なのですが)自分の席から写真を撮ったら変な角度の写真ばかりになってましたが。。。

I had a feeling that our neice didn’t like spicy foods so I asked her and her answer was she can eat most things including spicy foods unless it’s extreme, she likes Asian food including Chinese and Thai.  I suppose she is at the age that she keeps changing by trying different foods.  So we had Thai dinner at Patara in Tanglin Mall.  I didn’t stand up to take photos so many of the shots look to be at funny angles.  It’s just that I don’t like standing up in a restaurant to take photos…


Stir-fried mince pork with basil.



Olive rice – I always order this here.



Mince chicken salad.



Green chicken curry.



Stir-fried morning glory with chilli and garlic.



We didn’t have enough rice (some of the dishes were spicy so we needed to eat lots of rice) so we ordered another olive rice.  I think 4 dishes would have been enough  and we left a little of many dishes but it’s nice to have more variety.




食事から戻って来て、気になっていた映画「LION」(ライオン 25年目のただいま)を観ました。実話とのこと。インドも舞台になっています。なかなか良い映画でした。子役の男の子が可愛かった!

After coming back from the restaurant, we watched “LION“.  Apparently it’s based on a real story and many scenes were filmed in India.  It was quite good – the little boy was so cute.




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