Afternoon Tea At Goodwood Park Hotel

イギリスから来ている姪っ子とのランチ、昨日、その前とランチもディナーもアジア料理だったので、今日はグッドウッドパークの L’Espresso でのアフタヌーンティーに行きました。ここのアフタヌーンティーは12時からスタート出来るので、ランチの代わりになるのが有難いです。わたしは甘いものをたくさんいただけないのですが、ここは甘くないものの種類も多いですし、姪っ子はそれほどたくさん食べる方ではないように思いますが(なのでスリム!)、こういうアフタヌーンティーはイギリスにはないので目先が変わって良いかなと思い選んでみました。「ビュッフェ大好き!」と喜んでもらえて何より。

We had Asian food on the day before and yesterday with our niece so I chose Afternoon Tea at L”Espresso at Goodwood Park Hotel for lunch today.  Here you can start it at 12.00pm so it’s actually lunch.  I couldn’t eat it between meals so that’s great for me.  I cannot eat a lot of sweet things but there are a lot of savory things here.  In England afternoon tea comes normally on 3 tier plate stand and they tend to be just some sandwiches, scones and some cakes – mostly sweet – so I thought our niece may enjoy something different.  She was saying “I love buffet!” so hopefully she enjoyed it.  She doesn’t seem to eat so much (and that’s why she is nice and slim!) but I think it’s fun to try different things when you are away from home.


I do understand that the 3 tier plate style is a very nice and elegant way of having afternoon tea (and there are places they do this way here in Singapore, too) but buffet is great in terms of variety.  I find that often buffet style is more for eyes, and nothing is specially delicious, but it is fun to see all the food lined up – a feast for the eyes.  I thought the quality wasn’t bad either.









They even have roasted meats.



I didn’t try it but there was also pork casserole with balsamic vinegar.  Looks like I didn’t take photos but there was a few different cheeses, beef lasagne and pumpkin Sheperds’s pie as well.








Again I didn’t get photos of them but there were some ice creams and also a large tablefull of various cakes and a chocolate fountain.


I took some sandwiches and Japanese style fried chicken.



The fried chicken was delicious so I took some more.  I also took a croissant sandwich (with egg) and a little of the beef lasagne.



I had 3 potato wedges after the above, which were nice, and then a scone, a small piece of bread & butter pudding, and a little fondant chocolat.



At the end, I had a macaron.  I didn’t think I ate that much but I felt quite stuffed by then.  The scone was quite large and the fondant chocolat was very sweet.  The scone was quite different from what we have in England, it was lighter but a bit dry.  I have to say I still haven’t had any scone that I enjoy other than at home.  By at home I mean at someone’s home, not necessarily what I bake.  I guess scones are good only when they are freshly baked.


I really liked their fried chicken and potato wedges, but the rest wasn’t bad.   All seemed fresh.


I was very surprised how the restaurant was filled by Japanese – I would say 90% was Japanese.  Where I could see, people were taking 2 platefuls of food at one time, which was a surprise to me and I’d never seen that before.  Is it a normal thing to do now??  I guess it seems too much trouble to keep getting up as the plates are very small, but somehow it looked strange to me.


The atmosphere of the restaurant isn’t anything special but I guess they are popular because you get so much variety of food at S$48 (++).  You can choose 2 different tea or coffee per person, which is fun, and being able to start at 12.00pm rather than 3.00pm is great.  It’s not something I want to have often but I thought it was fun once in a while.

L’Espresso at Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221

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