India Trip Day 10 / Dinner At Peacock Rooftop Restaurant In Jaipur

インド10日目のジャイプールでの夕食は、「Peacock Rooftop Restaurant」というところに行ってみました。ここまで夕食はほとんど宿泊ホテルか最高級ホテルのレストランでしていました。このレストランも一応ホテルにあると聞いていましたが、行ってみるとPearl Palaceというエレベーターのない小さなバジェットホテルで、その屋上にありました。階段を上がっている間は「大丈夫かな〜?」と夫と少し不安な気持ちでしたが、結構保守的な提案をされるエージェントからもOKが出ていたので大丈夫だよね〜、と自分に言い聞かせつつ屋上に。

On the 10th day of our India trip in Jaipur, we went to “Peacock Rooftop Restaurant” for dinner.  Up until this point, we were having dinners almost always in the hotel we were staying at, or another beautiful hotel.  We were told that this restaurant was also in a hotel, but when we arrived there we found out that the hotel was a small budget hotel without a lift.  While we were climbing the stairs my husband and I were feeling a little worried if we’d made a mistake but I was telling myself that our agent, who is quite conservative when it was to do with recommendation of restaurants, told us it would be OK so we thought it should be.


When we got onto the rooftop, we heard Indian music being played and the place was decorated in a very funky way.  I think I didn’t set my camera’s ISO high enough so the photos are all blurry but I’ll upload them anyway to show what sort of place it was.  It was not “lovely” or “pretty” or “beautiful” but it had a very nice vibe.  I must say we aren’t big fans of Indian music so we could have done without, but I guess it added atmosphere.  Almost all the customers were westerners, which helped put us at ease about choosing the place.









All the naan we had on this trip were quite flat, not puffed up like what you see outside India often.



Chicken curry.  Butter chicken?






Bindi Masala (Okra curry).




Chocolate ice cream for dessert.




Everything was very good.  This place showed us again that non-posh restaurants serve better food.  As the customers were almost all westerners, this is not a local restaurant, but it was a lot closer to a local restaurant than all the other places we had dinner at.  I don’t remember exactly but I have a feeling it was very inexpensive – US30 or so altogether?  I think this was probably one of the most memorable restaurants we’ve been to in India.


Incidentally, I really liked these pots they serve curry in so I was going to go to a shop that our agent found where we could buy them, but I found them in a little shop in a market in Delhi when we were there for our cooking class!  I’ll write about them later.

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